A revival of old technology

VULCAN is a contemporary square-faced wristwatch that features two Nixie tubes for numerical display. Nixie tubes (AKA cold cathode displays) are neon-filled glass tubes that use gas discharge to emit a warm, orange glow from shaped wires. They are a truly beautiful way to display time as well as a symbol of an era filled with unprecedented scientific and engineering breakthroughs. Though modern technology has rendered Nixie tubes obsolete, we are still enamored with the character of their layered numerals and enchanting glow.

In this sublime harmony of modern and vintage, we are giving Nixies a new life in a modern vessel. We want you to be able to bring this rare and special technology into your everyday life as an expressive accessory that you can wear anywhere. The VULCAN watch’s sleek look and unusual display make it distinctive yet understated, and is sure to pique the interest of all who catch a glimpse of its clean, bold design. We’re also happy to say that at 44 x 47 x 16.5 mm, VULCAN is the smallest 2-tube Nixie watch available.

This is a project our team based in Vancouver, Canada started nearly 3 years ago and have worked on tirelessly and passionately ever since. We strived to develop a Nixie watch that was more stylish, less bulky, and competitively affordable relative to existing products with less compromise regarding materials, interaction, or software.



44 x 47 x 16.5 mm
2 x 5870 series Nixie tubes
VULCAN uses standard 22mm watch straps so you can customize freely.

Water Resistance

VULCAN is safe to use even when wet. Though the watch can withstand significant submersion, we would still advise against fully submerging it for an extended period of time as the watch is NOT WATERPROOF! 


200 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery with heavy optimization that would last about a week under excessive use during the first few weeks.

Charging compatibility

The watch uses Qi wireless charging protocol which will be compatible with most wireless chargers on the market. A wireless charging dock will also be provided with your VULCAN watch. It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge when it’s completely drained.

Body Materials

Highly scratch-resistant 316L stainless steel watch body with PVD colored coating to achieve both black and silver color. Comparing to typical watches made with aluminum, stainless steel can with stand much more abuse from our daily usage.

Watch Crystal

Sapphire crystal face is used to withstand long-term daily use. The hydrophobic coating on the crystal helps to minimize the finger print smudges, and anti-glare coating is used to improve the visibility of the two beautiful tubes. 

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