Vulcan Watch User Manual

Getting started

Quick Start
Repeatedly press the button until the watch turned on, it usually takes around 13 clicks.


Vulcan nixie watch (with leather strap), Metal strap, Pin pusher, wireless charging dock, micro USB cable, lens cleaning cloth

Watch body

Button: press once for confirm, long press for cancel/back. Crown: Dial-up(clockwise), Dial down(counterclockwise), wireless charging receiver coil, low battery indicator LED, charging indicator.

Metal strap adjustment
The metal strap can be adjusted by removing the pins between the links. You will need a small mallet and a plier besides the pin pusher that comes with the watch. 

General setting

When nothing is shown, press the button once and the watch will start to display the time. When the watch is displaying the time, press the button again to enter the setting menu. To adjust the watch, use the crown to select different menu options. Press once to enter or confirm, long press to cancel and go back.

  • Time Settings (0. 1)

Time Setting is used to adjust the time on the watch. when it’s showing “##.” (be aware of the decimal point), turn the crown to adjust the hour. Press the button once to enter the minute setting, it will display “.##”, turn the crown to adjust the minute.

  • Animation setting (0. 2)

There are multiple options for the animation, use the animation setting menu (0. 2) to change the current animation. The left nixie tube shows the current animation (0-7), the right nixie tube is used to preview the animation effect.

  • Remaining battery

The third menu will display a number between 00 to 99, this is the battery life indicator in percentage.


If the watch is running low on battery, a yellow LED will light up under the nixie tubes as a reminder to charge the watch.

Connect the wireless charging dock to any type of USB port, the charging dock’s LED will light up and is ready for use. Place the watch on the charging dock with the watch’s back facing the charging dock. When the watch is charging, the watch’s orange LED should light up. When fully charged, the watch’s LED will turn green.

If the charging dock flashes red and blue, it means it is having trouble connecting to the watch. Try to remove any metal object between the watch and the charging dock, and reposition the watch in the center of the charger. If the charging dock’s LED does not light up, try a different USB cable or a different USB port. If the problem persists, please unplug the charging dock and contact us immediately.

Although the watch is charged through a charger with QI standard wireless charging, we have customized our charger with a smaller power output to minimize the heat generated during the charging process. A regular wireless charger will still charge the watch, but the charging process should be monitored closely to avoid damage due to possible overheating. Please avoid charging the watch under direct sunlight or in any high-temperature environment.


Due to the nature of Lithium-polymer battery, if the watch needs to be stored for an extended period of time, please keep the watch charged between 50-100% prior storing to maximize the battery lifespan. It is also recommended to set the watch to factory mode to further reduce battery consumption (please refer to Customization-Factory reset/sleep mode). Please store the watch in a cool and dry place.


When nothing is shown, press the button once and the watch will start to display the time. When the watch is displaying the time, press and hold the button again to enter the customize menu. To adjust the watch, use the crown to select different menu options. Press once to enter or confirm, long press to cancel and go back.

Time format is used to change between 12 and 24 hours display mode, e.g: 4PM in the afternoon, in 12 hour mode it will show (0 4.) as hours; in 24 hours mode it will show (1 6.) as hours. Select (0 .1.) to enable 12 hours mode, and (0 .0.) for 24 hours mode.

The brightness can be adjusted automatically with the embedded ambient light sensor. The sensor is located between the base of the two nixie tubes. Select (0 .0.) for automatic brightness adjustment; select 1-5 for different level of brightness with 1 being the dimmest, and 5 being the brightest. Changing the brightness settings will have a slight impact on battery life depending on each use case. 

Raise to wake is a function that makes use of the accelerometer inside of the watch to show time everytime you raise your hand. Select (0 .0.) to disable raise to wake function; select (0 .1.) for a less sensitive algorithm and (0 .2.) for a more sensitive algorithm. Noted that a more sensitive algorithm will trigger more unintended activation, and will reduce the battery life.

Automatic battery saving helps improve battery life when the watch battery is below 30%. Automatic battery saving will make adjustment to the following: minimize brightness; turn off raise to wake; turn off animation. Select (0 .0.) to turn off the automatic battery saving, and (0 .1.) to turn it on.

Quick display mode allows the first activation within 10 second to show time at a much faster pace. To turn on this feature, select (0 .1.); otherwise select (0 .0.). When this feature is activated, raise to wake will alway be quick display. Turn on this feature will help improve battery life.

Use the crown to select the number of minutes, then press the button to start the countdown; press and hold to cancel. During the countdown the LED will turn on if the ambient light is bright; it will turn off when the ambient light is dark.

This function is for testing purposes, it records the number that the watch has been turned on. The decimal dots can be read as binary, which should be times 100. E.g: (.1..9) will be decimal value(Binary:1110 = Decimal 14) * 100 + nixie display (19) = 1419 times. You can click to set it back to 0.

there are multiple stages in this mode. Each stage is designed to test a different hardware, press the button to get to the next stage. Each stage is identified with the decimal point at the bottom.

Below are all the stages:

  1. intro stage runs all the numbers. It tests the display of the tubes. and you can use the crown to change the brightness.
  2. the first stage is designed to test the crown. Every time the crown is rotated, the number should change. Try to rotate both directions, both directions should work (change in the display).
  3. the second stage tests the ambient light sensor. It will show 1 if it detects light, 0 if there is not enough lights detected.
  4. the third stage tests reading data from the accelerometer. It will show 1 if there is data input, it means the accelerometer is functioning.
  5. the fourth stage tests the RTC. It reads the second of the current time. it should run from 00-59.

Factory reset mode or sleep mode puts the watch’s software back to factory settings. It will clear all time data inside the watch then put the watch into sleep mode. During the sleep mode most of the functions will be turned off to minimize battery consumption. This option is very useful when the watch is intended to be stored for a long period of time. To activate sleep mode, set it to 0 .1., then wait for the 10 seconds countdown without pressing anything. If a button is pressed during the countdown, it will go back without going into sleep mode. To turn on the watch again, repeatedly press the button until the watch lights up.

Safety Warnings

Nixie tubes are high voltage electronic components, if there is any water or physical damage to the case, please stop using the watch and contact us immediately. We are not liable for any injury caused by the usage of a damaged watch.


All Vulcan Nixie Watches are covered by a Lifetime Warranty. The warranty is intended to cover defects of the hardware. Any technical hardware and software issues are eligible for repair free of charge. Users should only use the product according to the user manual and consult with us if a scenario is not listed in the manual. We only require the watch with the engraved backplate as a proof of purchase, but we do recommend keeping the original packaging as it provides better protection for shipping in case of return. Warranty will be voided if but not limited to the following:

  1. The watch has been opened or tampered without our authorization.
  2. The serial number engraving is not visible or not legible.
  3. Signs of excessive abuse, water damage, improper maintenance.

We still offer watch repair even if the warranty is voided, however, all repairs will be at the user’s expense. Please contact us first at for information and inquiry regarding your issues before sending us your watch. Any watch we receive without prior communications may not be returned. We are not liable for any damage during shipping and handling.

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